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BetaVet had its beginnings in 1989 when herbalist Kate Fraser established the prestigious Herbs of Gold brand in Australia. Its launch was timely with herbal medicine becoming an increasingly acceptable and viable healthcare option.

On the back of several successful clinical trials, she launched some lesser known herbs on to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Among them, in 1992, was the now well-known echinacea.

She returned to New Zealand in 2002 to pursue equine interests but was waylaid by organic farming friends who needed a drench , which was well overdue for the organic livestock industry. BetaVet was set up and BetaDrench Formula One duly launched in 2009 after clinical trials conducted by Massey University to establish its efficacy.

BetaVet then began developing a range of effective herbal medicines for the competitive equine industry.

From humble beginnings, BetaVet now manufactures a stable of 60 products catering for all equine needs in performance and sport horses, as well as pleasure and retirement horses.
Kate says “Horses are athletes. Like human athletes, the same principles apply. Our products are not performance enhancers, they are designed to support horse health through times of stress and the rigours of competition they endure week-in, week-out.
BetaVet provides the ultimate complementary equine healthcare to unleash potential in the horses and give peace of mind for owners.

Kate Fraser
Managing Director



Twenty years ago when I began my training as a Medical Herbalist one of the core principles I learnt was the importance of the quality of the medicines we use for our patients. This principle reinforced my own beliefs as a practitioner and as a formulator of natural health products and I have strived to maintain 'Quality and Efficacy' as a cornerstone philosophy.

Coupled with this, my background in organic horticulture has kept alive an avid interest in all things organic and chemical free.

I feel that as a Medical Herbalist I am in a great position to highlight the importance of quality, not only when it comes to the medicines we put into our bodies, but also the quality of what we use to support and treat the animals and plants that we use for enjoyment as well as food.

My contribution to BetaVet is to maintain and elevate the already high standards of products and support through my twenty years experience as a practitioner and business owner in the natural health industry.

Paul Mitchell
DipWest Herbology(USA) Member NZAMH

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